We use the MYLAPS ProChip and BIB Tag systems. Both systems are used by hundreds of mass cycling, triathlon and running events around the world including the Tour de France, Ironman World Championships, and Multiple International Marathons. The ProChip system uses an active transponder “chip” worn on the ankle or mounted directly on the bike and delivers fast, accurate, and reliable results even at high speeds. The BIB Tag System uses a disposable Tag ideally suited for large running events by eliminating the need to collect chips at the finish line.

ProChip System
BibTag System


EtherLynx 2000

Finish Lynx photo finish systems are the gold standard for results production technology and have been used at the very highest level in sporting events around the world including the Tour de France. Our high resolution camera shoots at a frame rate of 2000fps meeting the technical standards of the UCI and capturing even the closest finishes with precision down to the 1/1000th of a second.


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